Director, Theatre-Maker, Writer

Marianne Eilers González is a Chilean director, theatre-maker and writer based in Düsseldorf, Germany, who looks to empower artists and performers in owning their personal and cultural backgrounds in order to contribute to a bigger and universal emotional narrative.

From Latin America to Germany

Marianne is an interdisciplinary director who creates theatre and performance to expose social and political issues and the value in cultural differences. She aims to erase the barriers of space, time, culture, or context in order to connect with the substantial emotional foundation in any narrative to cause empathy and questioning in who observes.

The methodologies she is exploring to achieve this is creating a dialogue between different cultural figures within the frame of Intracultural Theatre Practices and Immersive Theatre. She believes that the exposure of the political and social issues lived by minority groups and Southern Hemisphere societies are vital for a mindset change to achieve greater deep transformations.

Marianne encourages a diverse, inclusive, multicultural and gender perspective space of creation. As a Latin American artist in London, she believes that through immersive theatre and audience centered performances, the power of telling a story can allow to develop a critical reflection in what they experience. She complements her work with digital resources, creating an on-stage multistylistic space.

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