Alerta (2023 – in further development)

'Alerta' is a political and immersive play inspired by the feminist occupation held by the students of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in May 2018, demanding an improvement in the Violence Sexual Protocol and denouncing the lack of measures that prevent and punish gender-based violence in the establishment.
Alerta was premiered in the Bread and Roses Theatre in July 20th, 21st and 22nd of 2023, achieving a complete sold-out performance for the 3-day run.

Liguan Flows (2023) [Co-directed w/ Carrie Müeller]

This immersive, audio-led work will take spectators along the River Lea into Cody Dock, a creative community hub in Newham, which works towards a regeneration of the Docks as well as the local waterways. A mystical re telling of the history of the lower river Lea, this movement based performance highlights the beauty of this former industrial site. It speaks of forgotten histories, of how collective care can bring forgotten sites back to life and of how creativity can reconnect us to nature and each other.

Close Little Pieces (2022)

Close Little Pieces is a narrative and fragmented exploration of what Chile is from both an internal and external perspective. Through a Happening, this piece will examine the cultural identity of the country, putting the spectator in the centre. As theatre can work as a tool to approach, from an active angle, to what happens and feels like to be in a different place in the world, this performance intends to transport the spectator to another place, time, and culture. Through the universal language of emotion, it will make them feel what being Latin-American and Chilean is like and will ask them to encounter the different social issues the country faces.

New Newham Diamonds (2022) [Co-Directed w/ Sofía Zaragoza]

New Newham Diamonds is a world premier devised production, aimed at criticizing the historic treatment of the land and female bodies in the London Borough and Newham, specifically Stratford. Created through a lens of ecofeminist dramaturgy, New Newham Diamonds was inspired by the South American ecofeminist quote, "ni las mujeres ni la tierra somos territorio de conquista" (translation: "neither women nor the earth are territory of conquest"). Set within a fictional beauty pageant, the contestants must compete against each other to win a brand-new house. Utilizing historic research on real stories found within the Newham Archives, New Newham Diamonds grapples with themes of women's rights, labour, gentrification, and the treatment of the land in Stratford.